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Drinking Problems
Workplace Bullying
Panic Attacks
Body Image
Mood Swings
Controlling Behaviour
Cultural Differences
Work-Life Balance
Post-Natal Depression
Domestic Violence
Sharing Housework
Household Finances
Lack of Confidence
Breast Cancer
Career Choices
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Study Problems
Writers' Block
Stopping Smoking
Coping with Crisis
Life Transitions
Sexual Difficulties
Cultural Identity
Teenage Children
Toddler Behaviour
Personal Finances
Stress at Work
Ageing Parents
Mid-Life Crisis

COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR WOMEN TODAY; highly experienced female Counsellors, good quality, affordable service for women.

Are you struggling to deal with personal challenges?

Or are you worried about someone you know?

If you would like to speak to one of our counsellors today, please feel free to 'phone us. We will be happy to discuss what is concerning you.

If you have a personal crisis, relationship problem, a difficult decision, or a habit, behaviour, or state of mind you would like to change, we can use our skills and many years of practical experience to help you bring about a better outcome. 

If you are enquiring for a friend, a family-member, colleague, or client, we will try to help you find something that will be helpful for them.

Our policy is to make counselling affordable and good value for money. We realise many women juggle conflicing demands on a tight budget. (Bravo!) Click on fees for information about our flexible pricing-policy.

Our network of professional counsellor/psychotherapists currently covers several major cities in the UK. If you call us (or click on confidential enquiry form) we will be able to tell you if we have a Womens Therapy Link practitioner in your area. (If not, we can sometimes suggest alternatives.)

Please feel free to ask us about anything at all.

How our Counselling and Psychotherapy Service works:

We do not put people on waiting-lists. We arrange appointments quickly.

We try to put women in touch with their nearest available WTL practitioner within a day or two at most. Sometimes we can arrange same-day appointments.

Click on making an appointment for how this works.

We try to fit appointment-times around your schedule.

Many women lead busy lives with a variety of demands made upon them. We do our best to take this into account when arranging session-times.

We can usually offer:

  • some weekday day-times
  • some weekday evenings
  • some Saturday appointments

For women who work anti-social hours, who have limited mobility or don't live near to a suitable practitioner, we can arrange telephone or Internet counselling sessions. Click on telephone and Internet support for how this works.

We are committed to providing 'Cost-effective Counselling.'

Our practitioners use a 'Sliding-Scale' of charges which adjusts to each persons' ability to pay. (Proof of income is not required.) Click on fees to find out about our flexible pricing-policy, and about how to make your sessions good value for money. (for example, appointments don't have to be every week, and daytime appointments are cheaper than evenings.)

All our counsellors are well-qualified and have many years of practical experience helping women to change their lives.

We understand that people can worry about how to find a suitable therapist, and that many women have had difficulty getting the right sort of help. Our methods have proved to be effective and reliable. Click on our qualifications for more information.

Counselling sessions are interactive; our counsellors don't just sit there listening.

Sessions are conversational and 'interractive.' WTL therapists offer feedback in face-to-face and telephone sessions, so that clients get a useful response to the issues they want to wortk on. We also make suggestions for constructive behaviour-changes, and teach self-help techniques (such as anxiety-reduction and assertiveness) which women can continue to use after their counselling has finished.

We work independently, so it isn't 'one size fits all'.

We can provide either short-term 'fixed-focus' work or more long-term therapy as required. We tailor our approach to the needs of each individual woman. We aim to provide the right number of sessions, not too many and not too few. We can arrange breaks from sessions, so clients can stop for a while, and then come back to reconnect with their counselling with us.

We have been working for women since 1989.

We have been privileged to learn from listening to a wide variety of women, and from watching the progress they have made in their lives. This means that nowadays our counsellors can use their experience to get to the heart of the problem without wasting valuable time. We can sometimes help people to start turning things around as early as the first session.

Our approach is non-judgemental and supportive.

Respecting each individual and developing her unique ability to help herself is central to our approach.

Our service is 'user-friendly' and completely confidential. To find out how we may be able to help you please call us on:

  • 0114 266 0700   South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Sheffield
  • 0207 183 1171   Greater London and the Home Counties
  • National Enquiries: Click on our locations for more information

or e-mail us: See address at top of page

Or click here to use our confidential enquiry form

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